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Winter Holidays 7 Piece Russian Nesting Doll

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1.30 LBS


This is an all time class and customer favorite nesting doll.  This nesting doll features Grandfather Frost, Snow maiden, Snowman, Christmas presents, smiles on children faces and fresh snow.  These are just some of the wonderful things winter holidays are all about. Our exclusively hand painted 7 piece Russian nesting doll set has it all covered. The largest doll features Santa or (Grandfather Frost in Russian) with a large sack full of presents and snowman with a Christmas tree on its back. Many foil embossed swirls decorate this super cute stacking doll from top to bottom.
The patterns, colors and sizes of the dolls may vary slightly from set to set since each collection is hand crafted. Available in very limited quantities. Signed by artist.

Materials: lime wood, water based paint, lacquer.
The largest nesting doll is about 8.5-9.0"H