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Voice Activated Walking Masha And Russian Singing Doll Set of 2

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1.50 LBS


This is a set of 2 adorable Masha dolls from the legendary Russian cartoon series "Masha and Bear" (or "Masha i Medved" in Russian). 

One of the dolls dressed in red and white polka dot outfit will entertain anyone with her energizing walking moves and a cute voice. Masha repeats everything you say while walking if set on a flat surface.  The doll measures about 8.5" tall and comes with a clear bag. The toy is made out of durable plastic. Requires 3AAA batteries (not included). On and Off switch is located on the doll's back.

Another doll dressed in a traditional pink outfit sings one song in Russian every time someone presses on her belly. To activate the battery, please take the battery unit out of the front pocket located under the doll's dress and pull the green strip out.  Masha measures about 11" tall from head to toe and it comes with a clear bag. The doll's head and hands are made out of a durable plastic.

Made in China.