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The Wolf and Seven Kids

the-wolf-and-seven-kids.jpg Once upon a time there was a hut built in a middle of the forest where a mother goat lived with her seven kids. Every day the mother goat had to go into the forest looking for food. She would eat the grass and flowers and she would carry some of it to her kids that were waiting for her at home. Later, she would sing in front of the door, “My dearest kids, please open the door for me, this is your mother came back with food and milk.” The kids then would recognize their mother’s voice and open the door to let her in. One evening a wolf was nearby. He accidentally witnessed the whole thing, remembered the mother goat’s song and went to sing it himself on the next evening. He tried to imitate the mother goat saying, “My dearest kids, please open the door for me, this is your mother came back with food and milk.” But the kids knew their mother’s voice and did not open their door to a stranger. The Wolf tried the next evening again, but there was no luck. The kids still could tell apart their mother’s voice from anybody else’s one. When the mother goat returned home and sang, her kids quickly opened the door for her and told her about the stranger that tried to convince them to open the door.

The mother goat warned her kids by saying, “Do not open the door to anyone and from now one I will sing a bit different words to you, so you know that it is me, but not some stranger trying to get in. In a meanwhile, the wolf was thinking and practicing to sing the mother goat’s song with her sweet voice when a red fox passed him. The fox asked the wolf what he was doing and the wolf told her his story. The fox promised to give an advice that really works if wolf gives her a promise of a payback. “I can share a meal with you, sister,” said the wolf, “when I catch the kids.” But the red fox replied, “I feel hungry now, brother and do not wish to wait. Bring me a juicy goose now!” The wolf rushed to the lake, spent there a whole day, but finally managed to capture one goose and brought it to the fox as a trade for her precious advice. The fox took the goose and advised the wolf to go to a local blacksmith and ask him to sharpen up the beast’s tongue so it could sing in a sweet voice like mother goat’s one. The Blacksmith instructed the wolf to open his mouth and to close his eyes. As soon as the wolf did what the blacksmith told him to, the smart man grabbed his biggest hummer and knocked the wolf hard on its head.

The beast fell dead on the spot. Next, the blacksmith took the wolf’s fur and sold it on a market. The mother goat and her kids lived happily and felt very safe after the beast was gone.

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