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The Speckled Hen

the-speckled-hen.jpg Once upon a time there was an old man and his wife. They did not have any children and lived in a great poverty. The only thing that had and loved was their speckled hen. One day the hen did lay an egg which shells were made of pure gold. The couple was overjoyed with happiness. The old woman put the golden egg into a bowl for storage. Shortly after, the old man and old woman were obsessed with the curiosity what could possibly be inside an egg. They thought, “If the egg has golden shell, it is not an ordinary egg and most likely it contains something even more extraordinary inside.”

The old woman started trying to crack and egg by knocking it on the table, but the mysterious egg did not break. Then she tried to drop it on the floor, but it did not help either. She called her husband to help. The old man brought an axe and tried to break the egg open by striking with his axe, but the egg still would not break. They put it on the table and started thinking how else they would possibly open the golden egg. Suddenly, a baby mouse happened to pass by and accidentally touched the egg. It made the egg of gold to spin and roll to the edge. When it finally fell down on the floor, the golden shells cracked and the egg broke open revealing its ordinary egg content.

As soon as the old man and the woman witnessed that, they started crying and weeping. Suddenly, their beloved speckled hen came over and spoke to them in a human voice, “Do not cry, dear grandpa. Please do not weep, my dearest old granny. I will lay a new egg tomorrow.“ Next morning the old man and a woman discovered that their speckled hen laid an ordinary egg.

Since then they still wait for the hen to lay an egg of pure gold.

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