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The Snow Maiden

the-snow-maiden.jpg Once upon a time in a small Russian village there was an old peasant and his wife. They lived in poverty and had no children. They both would gather near window on the weekends to watch the neighbor’s kids at play. One morning they had more snow than ever. It was soft and flaky. The couple went outside and decided to shape a little girl out of it in front of their hut. The snow girl looked so beautiful and realistic that the old woman started crying imagining how great it would be to have a real alive daughter like this. She wanted and believed in that so much that a great miracle had happened. Suddenly the little Snow maiden came to life, stepped forward and greeted the elder couple. The old woman and the man were so amazed by what they saw that they were not talk for a few minutes. But as soon as they realized what happened, they cried and prayed to God with great gratitude for such a great gift.

Next they grabbed the Snow maiden’s hands and led her into their hut. The Snow maiden was more beautiful than a pan could ever describe. She was the most compassionate, kind and sweet girl in the whole world. The Snow maiden worked hard helping her aged parents with the house chores. When the winter months passed the spring celebration filled up the streets and huts. There was singing from early to late, games, dancing and Russian Three Horse sleigh riding (Russian Troyka). The Snow Maiden saw it all from the inside her parents hut. But one day she could not resist the feast and decided to join others. She soon made many friends. The beautiful girl named Kupava was one among them. Kupava had a lover, the wealthy merchant Mizgyr who fell in love with her long black locks and sparkly brown eyes. Among the Snow maiden’s other friends was the young shepherd named Lelh who fell in love with her from the very first sight. From the day the Snow Maiden met Lelh, the two were rarely seen apart.

One evening Mizgyr came to the village to see his girlfriend and to have some fun during the celebration. The young girls were dancing on the streets when Mizgyr and Kupava joined them. The Snow maiden was also there among the others when Mizgyr noticed her and fell in love with the beautiful daughter of winter. After the celebration was over and everyone went back to their huts, Mizgyr could not forget the Snow maiden’s eyes. He broke up with Kupava and decided to find the Snow maiden in order to propose her and ask for a blessing from her parents. The Snow maiden refused to marry Mizgyr since she did not know and did not love him. In a meanwhile when Kupava heard the rumors about her girlfriend the Snow Maiden and her former boyfriend Mizgyr, she went to the house of the Snow maiden’s parents and insulted the poor girl by calling her a traitor. Next, she went directly to the tsar’s palace and cried for his justice claiming that the Snow maiden stole her lover.

The tsar listened to Kupava and ordered his guards to bring the Snow maiden to the palace for justice. But as soon as he found out that the Snow maiden was not guilty he let her go back home with her parents in peace. The overwhelmed with grief Kupava threw herself into a well and drowned after she found out the tsar’s decision. The Snow maiden became very sad when that happened, she would never go outside to play or dance again, not even if her beloved Lelh would ask her to. But one time she could not resist. The Snow maiden and Lelh went together into the forest where Lelh started playing his flute for her. He played so well her favorite tune that for the first time the tears started dropping from the Snow maiden’s pretty eyes. Her heart started melting by love, her legs could not hold her body anymore since they were slowly melting. The Snow maiden fell on the ground and suddenly disappeared. Lelh saw nothing but a light vapor rising from the spot where she melted. The Snow maiden’s parents were devastated and started looking for their beautiful daughter everywhere but all in vain. The good people say that they never stopped looking for her until now.

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