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Russian Tsars of the Romanov Dynasty

Welcome to our index of the Tsars of the Romanov Dynasty.  Below you can find links to Tsars and read a very short version of each Tsar's bio.  We're sure that you will find this information interesting. We've organized these by the name of each leader, and then chronologically.  We have also included some unique photos and images each Tsar. 

Alexander I of Russia image

Tsar Alexander III of Russia

Nicholas II the Last Tsar of Russia

Elizabeth I Tsarina of Russia

Michael Romanov Alexis I
Fyodor III of Russia Sophia (Regent) of Russia
Ivan V Tsar of Russia Peter I - "Peter the Great"
Catherine I Peter II of Russia
Tsarina Anna of Russia Ivan VI
Elizabeth I Tsarina of Russia Peter III of Russia
Catherine II - the Great Paul I of Russia
Alexander I - the Blessed Nicholas I
Alexander II Tsar of Russia Alexander III (The Peacemaker)
Nicholas II – The Last Tsar of Russia The Romanov Dynasty

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