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Russian Okroshka

Russian okroshka Ingredients
10 cups of boiling Water
4 Tbsp Chicken Bouillon base
3 hard boiled Eggs, chopped
1 quart Buttermilk
5 Green Onions, minced well
1/2 English Cucumber, chopped
3-4 large cooked potatoes
1 cup Ham, chopped
2 Lemons, juiced
Fresh Dill, chopped fine, to taste

Add Chicken Bullion to boiling water, stir well and set aside to cool. In a meanwhile prepare other ingredients. Chop cucumber, boiled eggs, potatoes and ham. When broth reached room temperature, add buttermilk, lemon juice, potatoes, eggs, ham and seasonings. Sir well, garnish with sour cream and minced fresh dill and your Okroshka is ready to be served. Some Russians prefer to add self and reddish to Okroshka in order to make it spicier. This soup tastes better when it is cold. And rye bread is recommended instead of wheat one.

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