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Russian Nesting Doll Matryona 10-Piece

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2.50 LBS


This beautiful nesting doll set (also know as a babuska doll, or babooshka doll) is hand painted in Central Russia.  The Russian word Babushka means "grandmother" in Russian.  This doll has many fine details, gorgeous contrasting colors and many intricate details made out of foil and gold leaf. The entire collection is painted by water-based colors with an addition of sparkles and accented with a beautiful gold tone foil embossed trim. It was covered with several layers of high gloss lacquer to create a stunning shiny effect. The babushka dolls feature various winter scenes and people having a good time during the cold Russian winter.

Materials: lime wood, water-based paint, foil, gold leaf, clear lacquer.
The largest doll is about 11"H.