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Russian Fairytale 7 Piece Nesting Doll

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1.35 LBS


Exclusive Quality 7 Piece Storyteller Nesting Doll

This nesting doll has a connection to Russian history, traditions and folk stories that is hard to capture in words.  This doll features some of the most well-known scenes from Russian traditions and stories.  An elder farmer asks his three sons to help resolve an overnight mystery of grains disappearing from his field.  The sons agree to help.  During the night, the two older sons fell asleep, but the youngest one Ivan solved the problem by catching the thief, the magical fire bird. The excitement of this scene was accurately displayed on the largest nesting doll of this stunning 7 piece matryoshka set. The smaller dolls feature other important parts of the humpbacked pony folk tale aka Konyok-Gorbunok.  The artwork is superb and modeled after traditional Russian classical art and fairytale scenes.  The contrasting flowers on the back are outlined with embellished golden trim.

Patterns and design details vary due to the fact that every set is hand painted and is one-of-a-kind.

Quantities are very limited. This doll is signed in Cyrillic on the bottom by the artist.

Materials: lime wood, water based paint, lacquer.
The largest nesting doll is about 8"H