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Russian Beet Salad

Russian beet salad Ingredients
1 large filet of boneless pickled herring
8 oz mayonnaise
3-4 large boiled potatoes
1 boiled beet
1 boiled egg
1 onion (chopped very finely)
2 oz of dill weed

Slice herring fillet into small think pieces (about ¼” thick). Set it aside while preparing potatoes. Peeled all of your boiled potatoes and grate them well. Find a large flat serving bowl and start forming your salad. First arrange the 1/3 of grated potatoes the way that they would cover the bottom of the plate. Next, cover the layer of potatoes with a layer of mayo. Place a half of your cut herring fillet along with chopped onion that it forms a layer and covers the entire surface.

Place another 1/3 of your grated potatoes on the top of the herring that it completely covers it up. Then pour some mayo again and arrange a layer of leftover herring with chopped onion. Use the rest of your grated potatoes as a final layer. After all layers are formed as a small hill, cover it with mayo and grate beet over the top of your salad. Spread it evenly on the surface and smooth it up with additional mayo. After your salad is finished, you may garnish it by sprinkling dill weed on the top along with crushed egg yolk

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