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puss-n-boots.jpg Once upon a time in one small village there lived an old widowed peasant with his three sons. When he felt that his final hour is approaching, he left everything that he had to his sons: the eldest brother inherited his father’s mill, the second eldest brother was granted his father’s donkey and the youngest brother got a cat. The younger brother could not solace himself because of the property that he got. He was very upset and said, “Each of my brothers can make a good living out of their shares; but the only thing that I can do with my cat is to cook it for dinner and maybe make a muff of its fell.” The Cat heard those words and suddenly said in a human voice, “Don’t be upset, my master, I may be a greater use to you than donkey or even a mill. All I want is to borrow from your pair of boots, a sack and a hat. It is hard to say if the Cat’s master believed in everything the Cat told him, but he realized that some hope is better than none, therefore he gave the Cat everything it asked for.

What the Master did not realize that his Cat was very smart and had a plan on how to help his owner to become a wealthy man. The Cat walked straight to the forest in order to catch some rabbits. As soon as he arrived, the Cat hid behind the bushes right after he finished setting up his trap: the Cat put plenty of fresh vegetables in the wide open suck that he put on the ground. The Cat waited constantly watching after his trap until he got the results. A couple of young and naïve rabbits leapt into his suck. The Cat did not hesitate and seized both rabbits immediately. Next, the Cat rode straight to the King’s castle and demanded to meet the King in person in order to present him the gifts. As soon as he saw the King, the Cat bowed and said, “Oh, your highness, my beloved master, Marquis Carrabas, sent me here to present you these small gifts as a great sign of his respect.” The King replied, “Please tell your master that I highly appreciate his lovely gifts.” The Cat kept presenting gifts to the King from so called master of his, Marquis Carrabas every time now and then.

One morning the Cat heard that the King and his beautiful young daughter are going for a ride along the shoreline. He advised to his master,” Let’s go down to the lake.” As soon as they arrived, the Cat told his master to undress himself and jump in the middle of the lake. “At the moment when you see the Royal cartage, you must shout for help as loud as you can and make everyone believe that you are drowning,” instructed him the Cat.

And so-called Marquis Carrabas followed the Cat’s advice. He swam up to the middle of the lake and when the King rode by, both him and the Cat shouted for help. Hearing this shout, the King looked out from the carriage and saw the Cat. He commanded to his bodyguards to rescue Marquis Carrabas immediately. While the poor marquis was being pulled out of the river, the Cat told to the King that thieves had stolen his master’s clothes. The King immediately ordered his guards to provide the best outfit for Marquis. When the princess saw the handsome Cat’s master in his new nice outfit, she fell in love with him from the first sight. The King offered to Marquis to join him and his daughter for the rest of their ride. The Cat quickly ran ahead of the royal carriage in order to warn the peasants who were cutting grass on the meadow. He asked them to tell the King that all those wide meadows belonged to Marquis Carrabas. And when the King later asked them whose those meadows were, they all replied indeed that they belong to Marquis Carrabas.

The Cat still running ahead of the carriage saw the harvesters and asked them to tell the King that all those fields belonged to Marquis Carrabas. And when the King asked them later who is the owner of these fields, they all replied that those fields belong to Marquis Carrabas. “It seems like you are a very wealthy man, Marquis” said the King. “I would love to see your gorgeous castle where you live.” Finally, the Cat was so far ahead of the royal carriage, that he did not hesitate to walk inside a huge castle that belonged to a man-eating giant wizard. The giant was very rich since all those lands and peasants that worked there belonged to him. The Man-eater agreed to meet the Cat and listen to what he had to say. “I heard,” said the Cat, “that your magic is very powerful and that you can turn yourself into the different giant animals, into a lion or an elephant, for example.” “You heard the truth,” said the Man-eater, “and to prove it I’ll turn myself into a lion right now.” After the giant turned himself into a lion, the Cat was so frightened by it that he escaped to the roof. But shortly after, the wizard got his everyday look back, and the Cat returned back into the room. The Man-eater was very proud of himself that he managed to impress the Cat. Then the Cat added, “The people also say that every wizard can turn himself into something big, but only the most powerful ones are able to turn into a tiny one, a baby mouse, for example. There is nothing I cannot do,” replied the Man-eater. “You shell witness my great power now!” As soon as the Man-eater turned into a baby mouse, the Cat jumped on it and ate it in seconds.

Meanwhile, the King saw this magnificent castle and asked whose property it was. The Cat came out of inside to meet the King and said, “Welcome to the castle of Marquis Carrabas!” The King was really impressed by the extraordinary wealth of Marquis. He thought that this handsome young man would make a perfect suitor for his beloved daughter. And since the princess was already in love with Marquis Carrabas, they got married the very same day and lived happily ever after.

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