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Porcelain And Cloth Russian Doll Moroz Handmade Deluxe

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1.50 LBS


This is a handmade porcelain male doll in a traditional Russian folklore winter costume. The costume is handmade of hand sewn fabric that have intricate details decorated with ribbons and fur. The doll’s face is hand painted by a Russian artist and it is one-of-a-kind. The legs and arms of this doll are made out of cloth as the rest of the doll's body. The doll has very traditional old fashioned shoes called "Lapti" that are made out of tree bark and which were extremely popular among peasants of 17-19 century. The doll has a string on the back that allows it to be hang on a hook.

Materials: Porcelain, fabric, ribbon, filler.
The featured Russian doll is 20"H.