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Palekh Russian Lacquer Box January

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Palekh Style Painting.  Artist: Shamarov.

The small town of “Palekh” is located about 360 kilometers East from Moscow and it is famous for its unique heritage as the origin of Palekh painting.  This style of box also has a simple one-color background (usually red inside and black outside) which provides the most contrast with gold leaf accents.  This beautiful Palekh lacquer box was handmade and hand painted by the artist Shamarov. The box features a scene of famous Russian folk tale of Twelve Months, where each month of the calendar year was illustrated as a man. The twelve months of the year were twelve brothers who once helped an orphan girl.  

This box is 3.25"L x 2.5"W x 0.75"H

Materials: Paper-mache, tempera paint, clear lacquer, hinge.
Handmade in Russia.