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Little Red Riding Hood

little-red-riding-hood.jpg Once upon a time in small Russian village lived a little girl. Her mother loved her more than anything in the world, but her grandmother loved her even more. She lived a few miles away from her daughter and granddaughter, but still managed to visit with them often despite of her old age. One time when she visited she brought a very special gift for her only granddaughter, a handmade Red Riding Hood that looked on the girl very nice and fit her well, in fact so well that the girl even got a nickname Little Red Riding Hood since she wore her hat everywhere she went. One sunny morning the mother told her daughter to visit the grandmother. “I think that you should visit your grandma today, I heard that she doesn’t feel as good as usual. Yah, and do not forget to take along some treats and medicine for her, “said the Little Red Riding Hood’s mother. The girl was anxious to go and see her granny again. She was so excited that there was no fear of the dark forest, which the girl must go through in order to get to her grandmother’s house.

Little Red Riding Hood took the presents and medicine for her grandmother and was on her way through the forest. She walked singing her favorite song and watching the birds singing along. It did not take a long time for a hungry wolf to hear her song and realize that a human is somewhere close by, who would make a great dinner for him. The wolf started running toward Little Red Riding Hood and eventually met her down the road. He wanted to eat the girl on the spot, but he was afraid of the woodcutters who worked not that far away. “Where are you going, dear child,” asked her the forest beast. Little Red Riding Hood replied, “I am going to my Granny to deliver her some pies and medicine.” “How far does your granny live?” asked the Wolf again. “Oh, not that far from here,“ answered the little girl. “She lives right behind that mill that you see. Her hut is the only one that faces the forest.” “Well,“ said the hungry wolf, “I would love to visit your Grandma too in order to wish her to recover soon. I will go this road,” he pointed to a shortcut to the village, “and you will go that road,” he pointed to a long detour road with countless loops and hills. “We shall see then which road is better.” Right after the wolf has finished, he took off rushing to make it there first. In the meanwhile, Little Red Riding Hood walked slow by gathering nuts, running after the butterflies and making bouquets of flowers along her way.

It did not take the wicked wolf long before he reached the Grandmother’s hut and knocked on her door. “Who is there?” asked the Grandmother. “It’s me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood,” said the Wolf in a changed human voice. “I have brought you some treats and a medicine,” continued the beast.

The grandmother was sick indeed. She shouted from her bed, “Pull on the door latch, my dear, and the door will wide open for you!” The Wolf opened the door as instructed by granny and entered the hut. He leapt right to her bed and gobbled the poor old woman up in two seconds. Then he locked the door back up the way it was and laid down in the Grandmother’s bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to show up. The wolf pulled up the blanket up to his years and put grandmother’s glasses on his eyes.

Finally, Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. “Who is there,” asked her the Wolf. The girl replied, “It’s me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood. I have brought you some home baked pies and some medicine.”

The Wolf shouted from the Grandmother’s bed, “Pull on the door latch, my dear child, and the door will be wide open for you!” The girl did open the door and entered the hut. The Wolf shouted hiding under the blanket, “Please set your basket down and come closer to me.” Little Red Riding Hood approached her Grandmother’ bed and was very scared by her look. So, she asked, “Granny, hey, granny, tell me why your hands are so big?” “I need big hands in order to give you a bigger hug, my sweet child!” the Wolf replied. But Little Red Riding Hood was still suspicious, so she asked again,

“Granny, hey, granny, tell me why your legs are so long?”

“I need the long legs in order to run to you better, my child!” said the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood was still curious so she kept asking, “Granny, hey, granny, why your ears are so big?”

“They are big to hear you better, my child!” said the wolf.

“Granny, hey, granny, why are your eyes so big?”

“They are big to see you better, my dear child!”

“Granny, hey, granny, tell me also why your teeth are so big?”

“I need big teeth in order to be able to eat you better!” said the wolf and gobbled Little Red Riding Hood up in a moment.

In the meanwhile, the woodcutters, who happened coming across the grandmother’s hut that night heard some suspicious noise and crying inside. They rushed inside to help where they saw a wolf with a huge stomach that could hardly move because of it size. The men killed the wolf and cut his stomach with an axe. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother were saved and free. The Granny did successfully recovered and her granddaughter now visited with her more often than ever. There was no more wicked wolf living in the forest.

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