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Khokhloma 3 Piece Teaspoon Set

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0.25 LBS


Treat yourself like Czar or Czarina with one of our beautiful, hand crafted and 100% authentic Khokhloma teaspoon sets. Each set is hand painted throughout with a gold tone ecologically clean paint, black color and accented with a contrasting red berry style. After paint is applied and dry, each item is baked in a traditional Russian brick oven and final layer of high gloss clear lacquer is applied. Khokhloma artists never use any pencils to outline the future pattern. Khokhloma spoons along with other wooden craft of this style are waterproof and heat resistant which makes them not only quite useful at any kitchen, but also very popular around the world.

Materials: Paper-mache, water based colors, lacquer.
Each spoon is about 5.5"L x 1.25"W