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Humpbacked Pony 10 Piece Matryoshka Doll

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2.40 LBS


Exclusive Quality 10 Piece Storyteller Nesting Doll.

This nesting doll features unique and exceptional quality painting and craftsmanship.  The nesting dolls feature progressive scenes from the Russian children's story of "The Humpbacked Pony".   The main nesting dolls features scenes of the Russian Royal Court.  The Royal Court is impressed by the great outcome of a stable keeper Ivan's final task. In order to marry a young princess, the wicked Czar had to jump into the pots with boiling and cold water. Instead, he ordered his servant Ivan to go through this task first. With help of his friend, the humpbacked pony, the task was accomplished beautifully and Ivan turned into the most handsome man to marry the princess. The excitement of this scene was accurately displayed on the largest nesting doll of this stunning 10 piece set. The smaller dolls feature other important parts of the humpbacked pony folk tale aka "Konyok-Gorbunok".  The gorgeous flowers on the back are outlined with embellished golden trim. Only 1 in stock.

Hand signed by the artist.
Includes an Original Certificate of Authenticity.
Materials: lime wood, water based paint, lacquer.
The largest nesting doll is about 10"H