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Golden Cockerel Exclusive 7-Piece Nesting Doll

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1.55 LBS


This extraordinary 7 piece Golden Cockerel nesting doll is one-of-a-kind work of art designed exclusively for  There is only one of this gorgeous beauties in the world.

The images painted on the nesting dolls are from the famous Russian story "The Golden Cockerel" written by Alexander Pushkin in 1834.  This nesting doll is truly amazing and will become a gift that will be treasured by anyone for a lifetime.  These very special and rare babushka dolls are difficult to truly appreciate until you hold one in your hands and witness the skilled workmanship, detail and its unique features. 

The set was designed and hand painted in Ukraine by two of our highly skilled artists.  The largest doll is signed by the artist on the bottom.  Only 1 available.

Materials: lime wood, water-based paint, gold leaf, clear lacquer.

The largest doll is about 8.5 inches tall.