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Celebrity Nesting Dolls

Celebrity Style Russian Nesting Dolls

are original hand-drawn and hand-painted caricatures of famous people, cartoon characters or other famous figures. This category covers a vast variety of possibilities. The nesting dolls we feature here are artist original works and not copies of copyrighted photos or images. We ensure that our products do not infringe on copyrighted works or images. When we source nesting dolls of famous people or cartoons, we go the extra mile to ensure the images are indeed in the public domain, or originals that artists have created from memory. These dolls are great gifts that can bring back memories of childhood experiences or spark memories of someone's favorite singer, songwriter or musical group. Don't forget that we offer gift wrapping for these items. You can add this in the Shopping Cart upon checking out from our store. If you do not see something interesting, please check back often or subscribe to our newsletter and we will update you when we obtain new unique items. We hope you enjoy this category of nesting dolls.