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Russian Words, Matryoshka, Matrishka, etc..

Russian Words, Matryoshka, Matrishka, etc..

Posted by Irina on 18th Nov 2021

Hello everyone.

We often get questions regarding Russian gifts, including the pronunciations of the actual product categories. I can sympathize with everyone that finds foreign languages challenging. Therefore, I’m posting a very short blog to summarize how to pronounce some of the most common Russian names for products.

Russian nesting dolls are also known as:

Babushka: Pronounced (Baa–Boosh–Ka). The Russian word babushka means grandmother.  This is an exceptionally common and important word in Russian. This is singular. Babushki refers to more than one, or a group of “grannies” usually in a market or visiting at a family event.

Matryoshka: The modern pronunciation is (Maa-Trio-Sh-Ka).The Russian word Matryoshka refers to the Russian nesting dolls that are quite common and famous in Russia.This is singular.

Matryoshki: The “i” on the end of the word transforms the word to plural.The “i” is pronounced like a long ee, as in the word “bee” or “see” or other similar words. (Maa-Trio-Sh-kee).

Here are some authentic photos of Russian people engaged in various Russian craft trades in various parts of Russia. We hope you like the photos and we welcome any comments.

Real Russians that work making and selling real Russian crafts.

A Beautiful Russian girl who makes various original Russian cloths and dresses.

A really awesome photo of some real Russian "Babushki" in traditional and authentic Russian costumes.

Russian girls in traditional Russian costumes (i.e. a "Sarafan").

A Russian woman hand painting Russian gift and craft items in Russia. 

Thank you for visiting and please check back again.  I'll post more photos in the future.