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Historic Russian and Soviet Photos with Color

Historic Russian and Soviet Photos with Color

Posted by Irina on 7th Sep 2016

Hello Everyone.

I wanted to share a short blog about Russian history. I’ve found some great historical photos with color added and I’m sharing these below with some comments about each photo. These are unique photos that provide a glimpse of Russian & Soviet life during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

1903: Photo of an anonymous bride before her wedding. 

Photo of “Czar Nicholas II of Russia”, circa 1914.

Nicholas II was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917. Nicholas and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks on July 17th – 18th 1918.

Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna & her daughters serving in a medical facility during WWI.

Russian Family in Yekaterinburg, late 19th century, circa 1884.

Russian Family in Yekaterinburg, late 19th century, circa 1884.

Grigory Rasputin, 1904.

Russian Gymnasium Students, 1900 – 1917.

German Consulate in Saint Petersburg, 1913.

Last Russian Czarina with daughters, 1913.

Russian Princess Maria, 1906.

Russian Nurses in a cafeteria, 1900.

Russian Soldiers in WWI, 1916.

The Last Czar of Russia with his Family, circa 1914.

Russian Soldiers of WWI.

Jose Raul Capablanca versus Alexander Alehin, 1913.

Olga and Tatiana Romanov, 1900.

Olga and Tatiana Romanov, in Crimea, 1914.

Galina Ulanova, Swan Lake, 1930 Moscow.

Ford produced in the Soviet Union, 1930.

First Passengers on the Moscow Subway, 1935.

Soviet Girls, 1934.

Saint Jovan Kronstatski, 1829 – 1908.

Soviet children, 1940.

Soviet Artillery Officers, 1940.

Soviet Artillery Soldiers, 1943.

Michael Bulgakov, 1928.

Workers at a Moscow car factory, 1954.

Russian Women Soldiers, Volhovskyi Front in WWII.

Marina Dolina, Soviet Pilot, 1945.

Yuri Gegarin

Russian Peasant Woman, 1914.