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2018 World Cup in Russia

2018 World Cup in Russia

Posted by Irina on 30th Jul 2019

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to share some of our favorite images from the 2018 World Cup in Russia.  The World Cup games, events, parties and celebrations were fantastic; a truly great experience for everyone that could attend.  Of course we all know that France won and played great games against a unique bracket and great competitors. 

This is a nice photo of famous Saint Basil's Cathedral as seen from across Red Square.  The Cathedral is actually not in the Kremlin.  Saint Basil's Cathedral was build between 1555 - 1561 by the order or Czar Ivan the Terrible. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and quite an extraordinary site to visit. 

Here is a simple map of the 2018 World Cup host cities.  Just as a reference to how big Russia is, the train ride from Moscow out to Ekaterinburg takes about 3 days.  The train from Moscow to Kazan is about 19 hours. Train rides are quite fun and relaxing, and all Russians ride trains.  Many visitors made the trip to these cities to see the great World Cup games and have fun traveling.  

2018 World Cup brackets.  The brackets were interesting with quite a few teams that had not played in the World Cup in past years. All the teams played well but in the end only one team could claim the World Cup championship. 

2018 World Cup, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Russia build or improved all of the stadiums in preparation for the 2018 World Cup, and the fans and tourists really appreciated this and had a great time. 

2018 World Cup Opening Ceremony.  

All of the World Cup fans enjoyed the game and enjoyed the camaraderie of all of the foreign fans that came to see the games.   

Some Russian fans "got in the spirit" and dressed up in some native or historical Russian clothing. The fans all had fun and enjoyed the games as well as the fun in the pubs and street parties. 

The Nigerian Super Eagles. The 2018 World Cup had several teams representing African countries. All of the teams were great but only one was good enough to win the championship.  The Super Eagles played really well and had a one in a lifetime experience in Russia.  

The 2018 World Cup games were great, and the players demonstrated truly world class talent in all of the games. 

2018 World Cup.  Here Russia scores a goal against Saudi Arabia in the 1st bracket.  Russia beat Saudi 5-0 in this game.  The Russian team did not win the 2018 World Cup championship but the team did quite well overall, advancing to the quarterfinals to play Croatia.  

This is a 2018 World Cup stadium in Kazan, West Central Russia.  

Here is a great save of a penalty kick. 

2018 World Cup.  This is the beautiful Rostov Area, with some minor editing of the photo to add some mystique to the night scene in Russia.  Rostov is a truly beautiful modern city.

Here is another nice photo of the really nice stadium in Saint Petersburg.   All of the Russian stadiums were unique and really suited for the 2018 World Cup.  Saint Petersburg is an incredible city that travelers and tourists surely enjoyed.  

World Cup fans having fun watching the games in one of the local pubs.  

Here is another image of fans out celebrating and seeing the sights in Russia.  The World Cup fans were great and had a fun time during the games and as tourists. 

Here is Ronaldo celebrating a hat trick against Spain, in one of the final games.  

World Cup players celebrating on the field.  The games and the entire experience was emotional for fans and players alike. 

In the end, France beat Croatia to win the championship.  The games were extraordinary from the 1st bracket / group all the way to the finals.  The French team played exceptionally and deserved the great victory.  

Goalkeeper Hugo lifts up the FIFA World Cup trophy at the team celebration on the podium.  

The FIFA Cup displayed just outside Red Square in Moscow.  The building in the background is the famous Russian National Museum that sites at the entrance to Red Square. 

Russian fans celebrating and having a great time at the games. 

2018 World Cup fans have a ton of fun on the streets in Russia, and Moscow. The parties stayed fun and peaceful, and Russians enjoyed the great energy of the parties taking place throughout Russia.  

The 2018 World Cup celebrations and parties went on throughout the night, and all of the fans had a great time.

Here is a image of a stadium in Sochi.  The stadiums in Russia are extraordinary, huge and great venues for the fans and the teams. 

Well, one could literally write a book about the 2018 World Cup.  I've shared some very brief glimpses of the event; I hope you enjoyed these photos.  The World Cup fans ended up getting a 1 year free visa to return to Russia -- the Russian Federal government granted this sometime towards the end of the World Cup tournament.  I suspect that some of the World Cup fans returns to some of their favorite cities.  I hope you enjoyed these images.  I'll write again sometime soon.