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​Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov, May 15th 1848 – July 23 1926.

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I wanted to write a short blog about one of my favorite Russian artists, Victor Vasnetsov.

Victor is famous for his truly unique style of painting, and he is considered the co-founder of the Russian folklorist and romantic nationalist painting. He specialized in mythological painting.

Victor made incredible contributions to Russian society; for example, he designed the world famous Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow. Victor also painted paint frescos in the St. Vladimir's Cathedral of Kiev. He contributed to art movements in France, Ukraine, and Russia, along with many other European art enclaves.

Sometime in 1876 Ilya Repin asked Victor to join his art colony in Paris (the Peredvizhniki colony) and Victor agreed. He studied classical and contemporary painting while living in Paris.

Some of his incredible paintings are shown below. His paintings are featured in the Hermitage in saint Petersburg and at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Baptism of Vladimir in Kiev. This is a Vasnetsov fresco (commissioned in Kiev), in the Kiev Cathedral.

The Flying Carpet, 1880.

Moving House, 1876.

Painting of Russian Czar Ivan the Terrible.  

Bogatyr, 1898. This is one of Vasnetsov’s most famous paintings depicting famous mythical Knights.

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. Moscow features over 1000 museums! This is one of the best and most famous galleries in Russia.

Self Portrait of Victor Vasnetsov, 1868. 

I hope that you enjoyed these photos.  The actual artwork is extraordinary and awe inspiring.  I hope some you get the opportunity to see these incredible paintings sometime, if you have not already seen these for yourselves. Please write anytime with comments or questions and I'll try to respond back quickly. 

Sincerely,  Irina

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