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Blank DIY Small Unpainted 5 Piece Nesting Doll

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0.45 LBS


Premium Quality Canvas for Your Creativity! What a great chance to create something customized and totally unique your way in your own style! This high quality blank nesting doll is made in Russia. It was cut from a premium bar of wood and sanded to the perfection. The featured unpainted matryoshka has 5 pieces that it makes a perfect gift for all creative people. No matter, what you are, a professional artist or just a beginner, this is your chance to express yourself on something more unique than just a canvas. Choose a blank babushka nesting doll as a base for your next project or give this stacking Russian doll as a gift to your loved ones. It is a great idea for kids activity too!

The featured doll set is about 4.5-5"H