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GreatRussianGifts.com is dedicated to delivering extraordinary and unique Russian gift products to you. We have thousands of unique products. We also have the highest quality authentic Russian Ural Stone Paintings at the best prices. Please read the basic information below about the items we have, and contact us if you have questions on anything. We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.

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URAL STONE PAINTINGS:  GreatRussianGifts.com offers a myriad of authentic and 100% unique hand-made stone paintings. Using the art techniques of ancient masters, all of them are handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail.

Every Ural Stone Painting is truly unique. Duplicates are impossible and have never been made. By acquiring such an item, not only do you get a distinctive specimen of the Russian Fine Art, but you also own a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted piece of art.

Each painting sold by Great Russian Gifts LLC is handpicked by our buyers in central Russia. Our stone paintings are carefully handcrafted using custom hand-cut wood. Custom woodcuts are dried, then hand-painted with great care. Russian artists then complete each piece by adding thousands of tiny pieces of Ural stones, including emeralds, rubies, pink quartz, granite, dolomite, topaz, aquamarine, jade, alexandrite (green by daylight and red-violet in artificial light), malachite and others.

Stone paintings vary in size – some will fit in the palm of your hand, others are more than 40 inches tall and 15 inches wide. The painting above is approximately 18 inches wide with a horizontal layout. The painting below is another extraordinary painting that is nearly 25 inches tall and 14 inches wide. The detail in the photo is exceptional.

Painting prices range from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars based on the size and the overall quality and condition of the stone paintings. The painting to the left is of exceptional quality and workmanship and is currently selling for several hundred dollars.

The close up photos below show the extremely detailed work and craftsmanship put into finishing this painting. Remember, each painting is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, handmade and unique! There are absolutely no copies of these paintings anywhere in the world!


Close up view of the bottom of the painting shows the texture of the wood, and the blue aquamarine stones used in the painting.
A close up view of the right side of the painting shows the extraordinary craftsmanship and skill of the Russian masters – finely placed brushstrokes and stones cannot be copied or duplicated anywhere!

URAL STONES INCLUDE: Alexandrite, a variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl, is a gem with high luster. Naturally green Alexandrites appear reddish in color under most forms of artificial light. Alexandrites get their name from Alexander II and were first discovered in 1833 in the Ural Mountains. Although they are primarily mined in Russia today, Alexandrites can also be found in Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Aquamarine is a light blue or bluish-green gemstone, also called beryl. Aquamarines are sometimes treated with heat or radiation to enhance their color. The ancient times, the Romans, believed the gem could cure laziness and produce courage. Most aquamarines are mined in Brazil. The gem is also found in Argentina, China, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia, and the United States.

Garnet can be any of group of silicate minerals. The six major types: almandine, andradite, grossularite, pyrope, spessartite, and uvarovite. Garnets are composed of silica and other elements including: aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Colors range from red, brown, and black to various shades of yellow and green. Garnet Crystals occur for the most part in metamorphic rock, but can also be found in many other types of rock. The most well known Jewelry grade garnet is red pyrite, which is mined primarily in central Europe, Russia, and South Africa.

Rubies owe their trademark red color to traces of chromium. Most also have a brownish or yellowish tint. Also it is possible for some Rubies to have a bluish tint, which makes them more valuable than the more common yellow or brown tint mentioned above. Rubies are second only to Diamond in hardness and are currently mined in Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Russia and the United States. Additionally, some believe owning a ruby will ensure a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life while calming one's passions.

Pink Tourmaline belongs to one of the three gem varieties of tourmaline that are known as elbaite. The gem gets its pink color from deposits of manganese in the stone. The name tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese "turmali" meaning "mixed color stones."

Citrine belongs to the quartz family; however, it is often mistaken for topaz. The name citrine takes its roots in the French citron (meaning lemon), which refers to its color. The Greeks and Romans used citrine for intaglios and cabochons during the first and second centuries. This gemstone was sometimes worn as a protective talisman and used for medicinal purposes; it was thought to aid in digestion and cleanse toxins from the body. Additionally, citrine can symbolize lightheartedness and joy.

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