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Russian Dolls

Children always get excited when they receive new toys; for children, there is simply no other feeling of delight like the joy of getting a new doll or a plush toy, especially if the toys and dolls are truly unique.  Our Russian cloth dolls need no introduction for Russians or most Russian Americans -- they are all famous Russian cartoon characters that all Russian children grew up with.  Many of these cloth dolls speak and repeat famous phrases from the Russian cartoons. 

We also offer a wide variety of authentic Russian dolls from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities. All of the porcelain dolls are hand-made.  Every porcelain doll is crafted with beautiful details from top to bottom. These dolls feature traditional Russian costumes from the different Russian states and regions.  None of the dolls are made randomly or mixed and matched.  The costumes are replicated precisely to match the specific historical dress of the different Russian regions. 

All of these items truly represent unique segments of Russian culture.  We hope you will enjoy all of these Russian dolls. All of our producs come with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.