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Russian nesting dolls

are the most unique type of Russian dolls available. The term Russian nesting doll is also interchangeable with Russian stacking doll, Russian babushka doll, and babooshka or matryoshka dolls. Russian nesting dolls are the hallmark of Russian collectible items. Nesting dolls are extremely popular today amongst children and collectors worldwide.

Nesting dolls exemplify the family because the word babushka means “Grandmother” in Russian and “Matryoshka” references the “Matriarch” or mother in a family. No matter how large or small a nesting doll, the dolls designed to fit inside one another beginning with the smallest doll and ending sometimes with dolls of more than 20 - 30 pieces. The most common nesting dolls consist of 3, 5, 7 and 10 piece dolls. We also offer a variety of blank nesting dolls. A blank nesting doll is a great gift choice for a creative person that may like to try to paint his or her own design.

Start your search today through our extensive collection of traditional nesting dolls, “animal” nesting dolls, Christmas nesting dolls or celebrity dolls.

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