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Russian lacquered boxes, also known as lacquer boxes,

feature extraordinarily detailed miniature art. A Russian lacquered miniature box is a hand painted papier-mâché box that is delicately coated with many layers of lacquer until it attains the hardness and sturdiness of wood. The boxes have a flawless gleaming finish inside and out. Some of the best pieces take 8 to 10 months to craft and with such painstaking detailing going into some of the works, many of the lacquer boxes are sought after for placement in famous museums and galleries around the world.

There are four schools of Russian lacquered art named after the places they originated – Fedoskino, Kholuy, Mstera and Palekh. Art student often specialize in one style when studying for many hard years at one of the specialized Russian art universities.

Every Great Russian Gifts lacquer box is authentic and one-of-a-kind work of art. Our experts travel to Russia to review and handpick all of our lacquer boxes directly from the Russian masters. We have all of the best quality and the most unique and collectible styles in stock.

Every lacquer box purchased from Great Russian Gifts comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.