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Awesome New Nesting Dolls

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Nesting doll styles change very subtly each year.  This year we have found some truly great handmade nesting dolls that we have featured on our site.   I wanted to simply provide some great photos of these unique dolls.  The awesome doll shown below is truly one of a kind.  The artist painted this exclusively for us and I simply wanted to share this with you. 

This next nesting doll is from the same great artist.  As you can see by these two nesting dolls, this artist that we discovered has a unique ability to paint the nesting doll faces with extreme skill and realism.  We have not found an artist with this skill over the past 15 + years dealing in Russian gifts.  

I hope you enjoyed these unique images!  We were super surprised when we found this great artist and even more impressed with her skill once we saw the products.  All of these nesting dolls (and many more) are available on our web site for the 2015 Christmas season.  We are 100% sure that these will not last long.  

Thank you. 


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