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Baltic Amber Jewelry

Amber is world famous for its uniqueness and beauty, its varying shades and colors, and for its healing power. Since amber is formed over a period of tens of millions of years of polymerization and aging, amber artisans and crafts workers rarely cut or re-shape amber. Instead, amber jewelry artisans usually customize the jewelry to fit the original amber stone. You can see many examples of this in our collection of Baltic Amber.

The Great Russian Gifts line of amber jewelry is both stylish and unique. We personally handpick every piece of jewelry to ensure the highest quality, color, fit, symmetry and desirability. When the amber is custom fitted to handcrafted sterling silver, the ancient amber stone takes on a new life and a new meaning. You can be confident in our amber jewelry. Our experts personally handpick and inspect each piece of amber jewelry. Additionally, each amber necklace, bracelet or amber earring comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have received many accolades and customer praise for our amber. Each year, we work hard to offer new and different pieces of amber jewelry.

Amber is smooth, light, beautiful and truly awesome. Our unique line of Baltic amber consists of handpicked styles and colors such as green amber, honey amber, cognac amber, cherry amber and butterscotch amber.